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Alley B  and Dawson Ave
There is a major pothole/ Potholes in front of our garage, 524 Dawson . They have been there for several years, it gets patched,   Then the Garbage truck picks up the container for the apartment building on Orchard via Alley B, and the shredding of the patch starts all over again ( I thought Garbage trucks weren't to be using the alley's that is why we have to take our trash to the curb each week..    The entire alley is a mess, along with the end of Dawson and North Sprague.   Thanks to West View water and Columbia Gas.    Basically the alley is falling apart and the street will be next.   Time to get these issues resolved!!

We have lived in our house for over 40 years, this year we have been invaded by Rats.    I have seen 5 rats in our backyard, and have contracted an exterminator to eliminate them.  My question is for how long.  They are now digging holes thru our fence and invading the neighbors yard.   I am not sure where they are coming from, as we have our garbage in containers with lids.  The apartment builiding on Orchard has a dumpster, but for some reason the lid is never down on it..  Lazy tenets I guess.
I would like to use my backyard but with the Rat invasion it's impossible.  I know there is a house being flipped on the lower end of Dawson, not sure if the rats are coming from there, or some other property that has stuff over the entire front porch and no lids on the garbage containers. 
The health and safety of the residents is at stake with this rat issue...not sure who in the boro can resolve it.
We work hard every year to keep our front and backyards presentable, if the direction of the boro is to let it go, I can comply. 

Happy Rat Wednesday...
Bonie Leitsch
3rd Ward, Bellevue